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peter kaldor

a little bit about arizona productions

Arizona Productions is the creative vehicle for award-winning composer Pete Kaldor.
Based in Sydney, Australia, Pete composes music for film, television and other media.

Classically trained, Pete has forever been fascinated and inspired by a world of musical influences; from the Gamelan music of Java, to the Mississippi delta.

As well as writing music for the screen, Pete plays saxophones, flute, bass, keyboard, guitar and is currently working on a musical and and a full-length album of songs.

mob: +61 419 299 605 | fax: +612 9954 5446 | e:
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Tales of the Unexpected – submission

music samples composed by Peter Kaldor



The Genius of Junk has many sequences of scientific and medical enquiry.


Destiny in Alice is a story about communities. The music has a light-heartedness which could be relevant to some of the human-interest sequences in Tales of the Unexpected.


The Lush House – I have included this title theme because it is warm and upbeat and immediate.


Selected scenes from the telemovie Never Tell Me Never, in which there are moods of tense expectation, despair, triumph, joy etc – maybe stories about paternity, breasts and palm reading will need some quite emotive music.


Cop It Sweet was a landmark ABC documentary. This short title sequence captures a mood of expectation and reflection.


The True Stories theme is both a bit contemporary and solidly mainstream.


Some of the Kick Fighters sequences are very kinetic and energetic – somewhere along the way, I was thinking of toxic breasts!


Never Say Die Matildas is all about sport, winning and losing, and teamwork. Some of the music textures may translate to either science-related or human-interest sequences.


commercial for the Motor Accident Authority of NSW – I have included the music track because it is stylish and has a thoughtful quality.